Mixer 50 / Mixer Kompact


The Mixer 50 continuous mixer is ideal for preparing adhesives, joints, EWI, plaster and finishing coatings in powder form.

Extremely handy, it can be disassembled quickly into 3 parts.
Its new self-cleaning mixing chamber is made from polyurethane.

The flow meter allows you to accurately view the water dosage.

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technical caracteristics

Tank capacity
Power supply
Motor power
Rotation speed
Mixing capacity
Water pressure booster
Loading height
Drainage height
Dimensions (l x w x h)

50 L
230 V – 50 and 60 Hz
10.50 A
2.2 kW
271 rpm
30 L/min
110 cm
69 cm
190 x 62 x 110 cm
130 kg